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COBOL - Endevor - Create Package

You create a package by first defining the package, and then including SCL in the package to specify element actions to be performed.
Packages can be executed online or submitted in batch.

  1. Start the product using the instructions provided by your site administrator.

    The Primary Options panel appears.

  2. Enter 5 (Package) and press Enter.

    The Package Options menu appears.

  3. Enter a name for the package, type 2 (Create/Modify) in the Option field and press Enter.

    The Create/Modify Package panel appears.

    Note: For more information about a field or option on the panel, press PF1.

  4. Select the package type in the Promotion Package field. Enter Y, if this is a promotion package, or N if this is not a promotion package.

    This option determines whether the package will be processed as a promotion package.

  5. Enter B in the Option field to open the online SCL generator.

  6. Enter the package information and press Enter to submit the build request.

    The SCL Generation panel appears.

  7. Specify the actions in the Option field to build the package and press Enter.

    Note: These actions are placed in the request data set displayed at the bottom of the page.

    The appropriate action panel appears.

  8. Press END to return to the Create/Modify Package panel.

    The package is created, and can now be cast.

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