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COBOL - Endevor - Submit Package

You can submit a package to be executed in batch.
Batch processing lets you request concurrent action processing.

  1. On the Execute/Submit Package panel, type S in the OPTION field and press Enter.

    The Submit Package panel.

  2. Edit the options.

    Include JCL

    Y--Additional JCL is included when the job is submitted.

    N--No additional JCL is included.

    Concurrent Action Processing

    Use this field to indicate whether or not you want to use concurrent action processing.
    Valid values are Y and N. The default value when you enter the panel is N.
    If this feature is not enabled for your site, this option is read-only.

    Note: The Concurrent Action Processing facility causes certain element action requests to be executed concurrently, which reduces the elapsed time it takes to process multiple actions.
    Before you can use this facility, it must be enabled by your CA Endevor SCM administrator.

    Concurrent Number

    Specify the number of concurrent actions to be processed, if you are using concurrent action processing.
    The default is the SPAWNCNT value set in C1DEFLTS. If you overwrite the default and then decide you want to use the default, either type in the default value or blank out this field.
    Valid values are 02 through the Max number shown on the panel.
    The Max number is the value of SPAWNMAX specified in the C1DEFLTS.

  3. Optional. Type E in the OPTION field and press Enter.

    The JCL to Be Included with Batch Job panel opens.

  4. Optional. On the JCL to Be Included with Batch Job panel, enter additional JCL to be included with the job.

    This JCL is included when the job is submitted, if the Include JCL option on this Submit panel is set to yes.

  5. Press the End key.

    The Submit Package panel reopens.

  6. Type S in the OPTION field and then press Enter.

    The package is submitted for batch execution.

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